Welcome to Exodus! (Updated January 2018)

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Welcome to Exodus! (Updated January 2018) Empty Welcome to Exodus! (Updated January 2018)

Post by Cadphael on Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:44 pm

We are a middle-end(?) game causal guild with quite a few alts among main characters. The idea is to help people get further in this wonderful game, so don't feel like you can't contribute if you are still low in skills!

We currently have:

- Shipyard with all wood-related skills at our Whitestone domain next to our HQ
- Metallurgical factory with all metal-related skills at our Den domain
- Mansion (33 leadership, 53 comfort, 66 prestige) at our Shortpoint Forest domain
- 3 giant yards to cut giant oak (Shortpoint), giant solone (Huntingwood), and giant guidismo (The Den)
- 3 giant quarries for limestone boulders (Whitestone), marapis boulders (Shortblades), and lanfarite boulders (Renaissance)
- 4 vertical mines for charabalilic clusters (Three Brothers) which provides thundercoal and stardust gems, blueroc (Whispering Forest) odiemel (Shortblades), and kryanite clusters (The Den)
- Sewing factory (44) at our Shortpoint domain
- Stonecutting (42), forging (44), hunting (45), jewelry (43) and foundry (44) factories at our Whitestone domain
- Engineering (48) factory and a stadium to train fighting companions at our Whispering Forest domain
"Loaner" tools of of different skill levels in revelant guild domain inventories to improve main/alt's tradeskills on site.

More details on each domain: http://exodus-theriansaga.forumotion.com/t87-what-to-do-in-which-domain#790

Guild Requierments:

- Minimum Lanfar access, The Den access preferred for new Exodus members (and their alts).
- Registration and participation in the guild forum to stay up to date on current projects
- Logging in once a week at the minimum
- Contributions of hare, cervid(stag), wild boar, bovine meats, rhumbular beer and firewood for rhumbular festivals (for agreements)
- Participation in guild projects for new factories, mines, yards and domain expansion into Nostria and Grimaldaz
- Production of raw consumables required for projects
- Helping out and trading with current guild members

So please feel free to message or mail me (Cadphael) in game and post an application below to apply for a spot in our slowly growing guild!

- Cadphael


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